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What is a Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP)?

Pre-commercial  procurement  is  a  preparation exercise  which  enables  public  purchasers  to filter  out  technological  R&D  risks  of  potential  alternative  solutions  before  committing  to procuring a large scale commercial roll-out.

Separation   from   public   procurement   for   commercial   roll-out   enables   pre-commercial procurement  to  focus  on  acquiring  the  knowledge  needed  to  identify  the  “best”  possible solution the market can offer at the time of commercial roll-out, without leading to unilateral State aid to industry.

[Source: The European Commission tried to provide legal certainty on the applicable legal rules to PCP (see Interpretative Communication COM(2007) 799 final, Pre-commercial Procurement: Driving innovation to ensure sustainable high quality public services in Europe, Brussels, 14.12.2007)].

What will be procured by the Antisuperbugs PCP?

The objective of the project is :

  • support and finance private R&D activities in the field of advanced ICT solutions aimed at:
    • detecting microorganisms that may determine the incurrence of Hospital-Acquired Infection (HAI);
  • inform about the spreading of infections within healthcare facilities;
  • address the needs of healthcare providers regarding HAIs’ associated care;
  • contribute in the development of a new products in the life science and medical device industries.

Who are the Procuring authorities involved in the project?

The Buyers’ group is composed of 6 procuring authorities and a Lead procurer.

The Procuring authorities are:

Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO), Provincia di Trento (PAT) HELIOS Kiliniken Wupertal, Uniklinik RWTH Aachen (UKA), Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH) and Fundació Mútua Terrassa (FMT). The procurement will be lead by Agència de Qualitat I Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya  (AQuAS), who will procure the PCP in the name of the buyers’ group.



What are the exact numbers for the Maximum volume contract per phase (slide 6)?

The maximum contract volume for Phase 1 will be up to 450,000 Euros in total; Phase 2, it will be up to 1,6 million Euros and Phase 3 of up to 1 million Euros.
The finalist would be eligible for up to 820,000 € at the end of Phase 3.

What will be the Language of Communication during the PCP procedure?

The Official Language will be English. Some documents will be translated in different the languages, but the referent text will be the English version.



What do the red to green faces mean?

The red faces stand for needs that are not covered by the currently commercially available products, where Antisuperbugs project will challenge the industry to find a solution.