ANTI-SUPERBUGS PCP: Successful execution of all three contractors in Prototyping Phase!

All three contractors (Bugwatcher, Culture, Sens4Care) successfully executed Phase 2 contracts by developing prototypes that demonstrated their capacity to cover the common identified unmet need of non-invasively detect the presence of multi-resistant organisms (MROs) in lab conditions.

The three of them will be invited to present their offers to participate in Phase 3 and deploy their first set of prototypes to prove their ability to detect the presence of MROs in the real context at the facilities of HELIOS (Germany), Provincia autonoma di Trento (Italy) and Fundació Assistencial Mútua de Terrassa (Spain).

Have a look at the summary of main results achieved by all three participating contractors in Phase 2: Bugwatcher; Culture;  Sens4Care

The Anti-SUPERBugs PCP: Almost one month left for the end of Phase 2!

Three active contractors (Sens4Care, Culture and Bugwatcher) continue working in Phase 2 – Prototyping tasks, which will end by March 22nd 2021. Stay tuned as main results achieved by the contractors in this phase 2 will be published in the website.

Meanwhile, have a look at Phase 1 already achieved results by all four participating contractors: CULTURE ; Sens4Care ; BUGWATCHER ; ASB-IMS²

Antisuperbugs’ Request for Tender: How to participate?

Anti-SUPERBugs consortium has produced a few tools to support the interested companies in their participation in the request for tender:

  1. a tutorial that provides guidelines for submitting a bid  on the procurement platform with tips and hints;
  2. a noticeboard with  notices from companies looking for partners;
  3. a form to submit partner search request.

The interested parties are invited to consult the FAQ page on the project website or the Question and Queries section of the Procurement platform, where some concerns have been already been solved. They can also submit queries that will be addressed by the project’s experts. Anti-SUPERBugs consortium is keen to provide support to the companies within  the legal constraints of the procurement procedure. Updates are regularly posted on the social media, for instance the Twitter account of the project (Twitter messages are also visible on the right side of this web page).


Call for Tender “Antisuperbugs”

The call for tender has been published on the 26th of July 2019. The deadline for submission of proposals will be on the 28th of October 2019. There is the option for companies to offer their availability by putting in a tender as a consortium (the list of economic operators willing to submit a bid in consortium is available here).

Six leading European procuring entities under the lead of AQuAS challenge the industry to develop a smart ICT solutions able to detect the presence of resistant microorganisms, give real-time feedback to the user and at the same time share the information with the healthcare provider electronic record systems linking the infection with the place of the detection. Read more