ANTI-SUPERBUGS PCP: Successful execution of all three contractors in Prototyping Phase!

All three contractors (Bugwatcher, Culture, Sens4Care) successfully executed Phase 2 contracts by developing prototypes that demonstrated their capacity to cover the common identified unmet need of non-invasively detect the presence of multi-resistant organisms (MROs) in lab conditions.

The three of them will be invited to present their offers to participate in Phase 3 and deploy their first set of prototypes to prove their ability to detect the presence of MROs in the real context at the facilities of HELIOS (Germany), Provincia autonoma di Trento (Italy) and Fundació Assistencial Mútua de Terrassa (Spain).

Have a look at the summary of main results achieved by all three participating contractors in Phase 2: Bugwatcher; Culture;  Sens4Care