Anti-SUPERBugs PCP main objective is to support and finance private R&D activities in the field of advanced ICT solutions, aimed at detecting micro‐organisms that may determine the incurrence of hospital-acquired infections and control the diffusion of infections within healthcare providers. This will both address the needs of healthcare providers in increasing HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) control and contribute in the development of a new stream of products in the life science and medical device industries.

Specific objectives include:

  • improve the quality and reduce the costs of collateral effects of the care process in hospital, through the development of prototype of ICT services aimed at detecting superbugs and other HAIs vectors. The developed systems will also inform professionals of the risk of infection by the use of signal through different forms, as sound or coloured-light alarms;
  • the creation and consolidation of an pan-European network of procurers, who putting in common their needs and efforts can enable the development of novel technologies aimed to cover bigger market challenges in areas of common European interest. The economic dimension will have a major impact on the definition of the project since, bigger is the market where the companies can sell their product, lower is expected to be the price for the procurers and end-users on the final end-products;
  • the definition of the cross-border and joint pre-commercial public procurement procedure that best meets Anti-SUPERBugs PCP procuring authorities’ needs and that addresses the major societal challenge selected,  either the support to early detection and of antibiotic-resistant bacteria or the support to health-care associated infections preventions;
  • the mutual learning, knowledge sharing and transferring within the consortium and across different fields, technologies and procurement disciplines (social, economic, legal, technical) and EU countries.