VINCat meeting page


Nosocomial infections in Catalonia affect the 7% of the patients admitted into a hospital (8,3% in EU), creating a health burden in the system and affecting negatively patients’ outcomes and experience. About the 70% of these infections are preventable and there are many good initiatives in place to fight off the infections within health care environments. However, the system still faces challenges that call for new ideas and innovative products and services to increase the impact of prevention.

With this in mind, ICO (representing VINCat, the Programme for Nosocomial Infections Surveillance in Catalonia) and AQuAS co-organized an event to offer a forum for dialogue between the main players capable of developing and implementing the required innovative solutions. The event was addressed to healthcare professionals, procuring entities, industry, technology centres, etc. with specific interest in understanding the needs of the health care system and potential collaboration and procurement opportunities to move the technology forward in the field of infection control and prevention.

The sessions counted on the participation of representatives of the Catalan health system, offering their view on the value of prevention, the burden that infections impose to health care facilities and initiatives under deployment. One session was devoted to the presentation of ANTI-SUPERBUGS, to highlight the opportunities that the project offers for industry and technological agents.

The event took place on 27th February (9.15h – 13h CET) at the Catalan Department of Health – Salvany Building (AQuAS offices), in Barcelona. You can access the full programme here.