Antisuperbugs Prior Information Notice Published in TED

On 11/10/2017 the prior information notice for the project ANTI-SUPERBUGS has been published in the European Tenders Electronic Daily. The ANTISUPERBUGS pre-commercial procurement aims to improve the quality of care processes in hospital and the reduction of both the costs and the collateral effects provoked by Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs, otherwise known as Superbugs) and other Health Associated Infections (HAIs) pathogens, through the development and testing of prototypes of devices and ICT services that can:

(1) test non-invasively for the presence of MDROs and other pathogens, and

(2) provide continuous information and remote alerts to health professionals on environmental contamination by MDROs — and other pathogens — on high contact surfaces, applicable to existing healthcare environments.

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ANTISUPERBUGS: A Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) developing ICT solutions for detecting resistant microorganisms in health-care environments

Day: May 4th 2017

Schedule: 13:00–14:15h

Where: Healthio Meeting, Fira Barcelona (Recinte Montjuïc), Av. Reina Maria Cristina, s/n, Barcelona

Anti-SUPERBugs PCP project wants to mobilize public and private purchasers and networks of users in the field of health-care associated infections to put the joint & direct procurement process in action, by addressing the current innovation gap with demand-driven incentives for further R&D (Research & Development) in the field of antimicrobial resistance surveillance.

Event page: HEALTHIO Meeting


Get ready to submit proposals to the ICT-33 and ICT-27 calls

25 April 2017 closes the deadline of the 2017 Horizon 2020 ICT call. Topic ICT-33 has a budget of 4M EURO for 100% co-financing of networks of public procurers to prepare new future PCP and PPI procurements and for establishing a EU wide network of innovation procurement competence centers. Topic ICT-27d has a budget of 7M EURO and offers 90% co-financing for the coordination and procurement cost of PCPs that bring new robotics based solutions to the market. Don’t miss this opportunity to submit your proposals! Read more